MCU500 CONTROL SYSTEM 200-1220 Link to Catalog is one of the most flexible and versatile data monitoring, logging and control systems available today; just what the doctor ordered to meet the demands of modern fresh and salt water based aquaculture systems. It’s control features includes operation of pumps, air blowers, valves, gates, UV and O3 systems, feeders and much more. It provides continuous monitoring of system parameters such as temperature, pH, ORP, DO, water levels, pressures and virtually all other parameters common to aquaculture and fish farming systems. It gathers and … [Read more...]

MCU 300 Monitor and Control Series 300

System Description: The MCU-300 monitor and control unit is a multipurpose site management system. It is designed to provide a cost effective, reliable means to autonomously monitor and control site functions. Its capabilities include, but are not limited to energy management, site security monitoring and access control, manufacturing and process control, water purification system control, gas and oil extraction and delivery systems, wayside control systems for light rail, fisheries management, aquaculture and agriculture control systems. It’s a complete SCADA-RTU (Supervisory Control and … [Read more...]