“Aquaculture System” A Design Concept

Building a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) is fundamentally about water quality control. In response to the many who have asked “what does it take to make a typical system”, we’ve put together a design proposal for a complete, fully featured status monitoring and control system which we designed to meet the needs of a 4 tank commercial recirculating aquaculture facility. This system consists of a set of basic components we have found to be the most often specified for a four tank installation (three grow out tanks and one make up tank). This system is a purely hypothetical design as each situation is unique and must be designed to suit the individual needs of the customer.  Let us help on your next design.

The typical sensor suite includes the following:
pH, temperature, DO, tank level detectors, ait temp, air flow switches, pump status monitoring..
Also used in some situations are conductivity, specific ION probes, CO2 valves and pressure sensors, CO2 mass flow, O2 pressure sensor, O2 mass flow, UV control and status monitoring, and O3 control and status monitoring.

Other control points include, but are not limited to: Feeders, make-up water control, fans, pumps, air pumps, chillers and heaters, CO2 and O2/O3 injection valves, water and air filter pressure (differential) sensors, UV and O3 system control, areators, and more.

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