About Us


Welcome to Craig Ocean Systems, Inc.

We build top of the line control systems.  COS products are specifically built for use in applications requiring rugged, stand alone, field deployed systems. Our products have been selected for use in both commercial and military applications and have an established reputation for excellence and reliability.

Our products are not just another computer, with some external IO attached.  They are complete plug-and-play systems, which can provide full autonomous control for your processes, and yet are fully interactive with you from anywhere in the world.  No programming required.

To support our systems, we offer a selection of standard sensors and control options.  We also provide fully interactive, on-line support and assistance in setting up your systems.

Contact us.    We’re here to help. 

COS has been in the control system business since 1995. We specialize in solving problems and resolving the critical issues associated with designing and building process systems.

Our control systems are ideal for water quality management, wastewater processing, light rail wayside control, pipeline and oil field production, irrigation and greenhouse systems.

We provide direct sales support, indirect sales through vendors, and equipment leasing.