MCU 300 Monitor and Control Series 300

System Description: The MCU-300 monitor and control unit is a multipurpose site management system. It is designed to provide a cost effective, reliable means to autonomously monitor and control site functions. Its capabilities include, but are not limited to energy management, site security monitoring and access control, manufacturing and process control, water purification system control, gas and oil extraction and delivery systems, wayside control systems for light rail, fisheries management, aquaculture and agriculture control systems.

It’s a complete SCADA-RTU (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition-Remote Terminal Unit) system incorporating power control, data acquisition processing and logging, alarm monitoring and site control functions all in one neat package.

The MCU includes digital and analog inputs for monitoring of external events and functions, AC power control and power distribution to external equipment, and digital control of external devices. The MCU may be operated locally through its front panel menu driven keyboard and LCD display, or through the external RS-232 data port. Event logging is supported, both to a local printer through a second RS-232 port, and/or to a remote host, via Lotus Notes or your favorite spreadsheet format.

AC Control Features: Local or remote control of up to 16 internal AC or DC switches. Supports additional relays through expansion port.

Continuous monitoring of internal conditions, switch functions, circuit breakers, and circuit status with activity and alarm reporting.

Supports up to 4 separate AC input circuits (to 40 amps each input), hardware mapped to any combination of 16 outputs (user specified at time of order).

Each output is protected with a separate front panel mounted circuit breaker.

Standard outputs use IEC 3 prong AC output connector rated for 15 amps (other configurations available on special order).

All AC switching uses solid state, very low leakage electronic relays; 10 amp to 40 amp single phase. 3 phase versions available.

All relays are provided with transient protection.

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