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is one of the most flexible and versatile data monitoring, logging and control systems available today; just what the doctor ordered to meet the demands of modern fresh and salt water based aquaculture systems.

It’s control features includes operation of pumps, air blowers, valves, gates, UV and O3 systems, feeders and much more. It provides continuous monitoring of system parameters such as temperature, pH, ORP, DO, water levels, pressures and virtually all other parameters common to aquaculture and fish farming systems. It gathers and analyzes the data, converts it to easy to read engineering units, logs the data for later retrieval, compiles reports, produces printouts, and performs sophisticated set point and alarm monitoring control algorithms based on the data. Alarm notification includes built-in pager or CDMA modem support, email notification, and alarm reporting and logging to the PC, insuring full coverage at home or on the road. Advanced communications capabilities let MCU’s work together in networks, without PC intervention. It is capable of performing all of your site management functions; from sensor monitoring and alarm processing, to timed or event driven functions (feeders..), power management (blowers..), backup generator control, site security, and more.

The MCU incorporates a very flexible data base, which allows you to easily configure it for a wide variety and multitude of tasks. It works autonomously, performing the functions you specify. No programming required. The MCU has it’s own custom operating system, designed to provide the maximum performance in the most demanding situations. It’s a dedicated, 24/7 system with built in redundancy and backup systems to insure the maximum in reliability. A full suite of PC based programs provide for database setup, web based data logging, MCU remote monitoring, and sophisticated control and display capabilities using the Siteman HMI, or an OPC compliane HMI.

Built to last even in the most rugged environments, the MCU offers a complete solution to your site control needs.

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